Covenant for Volunteers

The Kettle Corn Biznistry provides a unique opportunity to witness for Christ beyond the walls of our churches and in areas Jesus would most want us to be; that is at festivals and other venues attracting people who may be lost and un-churched. 

Our Kettle Corn function is a Biznistry; that is a business-ministry. The name implies two distinct functions: business operations and ministry outreach. The business side is defined by best practices and standard business principles. This side of the equation is not difficult. The ministry side can be more challenging because of the impact on people’s lives and God’s Kingdom. The ultimate goal of our ministry is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and bring new people into God’s Kingdom.  In other words, we are to fulfill our responsibility toward the “Great Commission” by helping to bring additional people into a relationship with Christ which happens through the marketplace; that is through festivals and other special events.

When we participate in kettle corn events as volunteers we have two roles: business participants and ministers. On the business side we exercise our responsibility by doing our tasks well, acting ethically and following best practices. As ministers we must be open to the needs of those around us, act with a friendly demeanor, and most importantly act as Christian representatives of the Gospel. This would include refraining from participation in behavior surrounding the event including alcohol consumption, gambling and other similar activities. To act otherwise may send a confusing message about our Christian faith in a very public setting.  This mixed and confusing message could potentially have a negative effect on other festival participants and perhaps deny those most in need of an opening for a relationship with our Lord and Savior.

Therefore, as a volunteer in this unique ministry I agree to accept both roles seriously and will do my very best in God’s service.

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