Job Description for Volunteers

List of job duties available when volunteering for Amaizing Grace:

  1. Cooker: person will mix corn and sugar in oil inside hot kettle. All persons cooking will be thoroughly trained by experienced personnel. Persons cooking may consider wearing long sleeve shirt to protect arms from hot splatter. Face shield will be provided by Amaizing Grace.
  2. Bagger: person will sift popped corn in sifting table, salt corn, allow cooling, and then bag finished product.
  3. Sales/cashier: person will sell bagged corn to customers.
  4. Sample provider: person will mingle with crowd providing samples in order to create sales.

*Volunteers may also be asked to assist in setting up equipment at events. Also, duties may include cleaning and packing equipment at the end of the event.

*Volunteers should wear long sleeves if interested in cooking. All volunteers are required to wear hats. Face shield and aprons will be provided by Amaizing Grace. Volunteers are also required to bring their smiles and a Christian attitude with them.

*Anyone interested in attaining their Level One Food Protection certification is encouraged to do so. Fee for the course will be paid for by Amaizing Grace.

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