Why Volunteer for Amaizing Grace Kettle Corn Events?

This is an opportunity for you and your organization to participate in a unique ministry in a very enjoyable way. The Amaizing Grace Kettle Corn booth and it’s volunteers shine the “Light of Christ” at numerous festival events they otherwise would not experience.

During these events we are touching thousands of lives through the selling of our kettle corn product that we cook on site. This gives each of us an opportunity to impact lives in a positive way. It is not uncommon for us to offer a healing prayer with an individual who hobbles up to the booth on crutches. There are many opportunities to make life a little better for those needing just someone to listen and empathize.

Mountain ManYour organization will share in the profits of the event. In the past five years over $30,000 has been distributed to volunteer organizations. We only ask that the funds be used for ministry or community endeavors. We want to promote your organization and ministry as well. You may display literature on the counter and we will acknowledge your volunteers while you are working the event. Your organization will also be featured on this website.

We accept volunteers of all ages. Young people gain tremendous experience learning how to sell a product, handling cash,  and business operations.

Working events is fun and a great experience for volunteers of all ages. Here is an opportunity to participate in ministry service and best business practices at the same time; not to mention preparing “the best kettle corn ever sold”.